Tuesday, November 6, 2012


A few months ago, I was texting back and forth with Jonathan. I got a crazy idea and texted it to Jonathan. I suggested we go visit my dad. We haven't spent any time with hiking while. I always have kids with me and Jonathan is always playing gigs and it just hasn't happened in a while. Jonathan immediately agreed to it.

We spent six days together and it was just good. Good. Relaxing time together.

I am sitting at the gate about to head back to my crazy, loud life. My dad and brother have both called to check on me. They are such sweet guys and I am so grateful for the pause in life that allowed us to get together and just spend time together.

We went to our home town and saw some sweet, dear friends. But, we really just hung out and watched episodes of duck dynasty and ate good food. I am so thankful for this time together. It was good.

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