Sunday, November 25, 2012


Maggie brought the flu home the weekend before veterans's day. She was really sick for about four days and lethargic for a few more days. She was fine by last Monday.

On Monday night, my throat started hurting and I was super tired. I was cutting 350 pieces of paper for leaves for her class party and I started to notice how heavy scissors were in my hands. I went to bed early determined not to be sick.

I woke up with a fever the next morning. I was panicked. Kirsten and I were in charge of the class party. I cried and asked Steven to take over for me and felt guilty. He took over for me and I thought I would be fine y the next day.

Thus, began the pattern that is still continuing seven days later. I wake up and feel okay and am determined to be better that day. I take medicine and start to feel better and over do it. And am reduced to a lethargic, guilt filled mess by the end of the day.

I hate disappointing people, especially my kids and it is the week of thanksgiving and decorating. Oh yeah, and we are painting the house and moving around bedrooms, too. So there are boxes of Christmas and stuff to be put up from thanksgiving and my house is chaotic. So, everyday, I think I will tackle the house and I just can't do it.

Steven has done so much. He cooked thanksgiving lunch and set up Christmas and painted,etc. I have laid here on the sofa.

It reminds me of the last time that I was this sick. Steven and I were newly engaged and we went to visit his parents the week before Christmas. I caught some awful cold and I couldn't shake it.I laid on the sofa and watched western shows with steven's dad. That was the last time I remember feeling like this. I guess once every 12 years really isn't that bad. I really need to relax and just get better. My plan tomorrow is to just relax and get over this flu. Maybe that is what I need to be determined to accomplish tomorrow.

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