Friday, November 30, 2012

My mommy and my daddy

Maybe I am feeling nostalgic as we decorate the house for Christmas, but I just want to freeze my babies in time and stop life from going so fast. We ordered a new tv stand for Christmas and it arrived yesterday. It had 14 million pieces and I offered to hand Steven the pieces as he was assembling the furniture.

We were sitting on the floor and Patrick and Maggie were on the sofa. He looked down at us and smiled. He said,"my mommy and my daddy."

It caught me off guard. He is just so content and happy. I think about what his life could be like right now. I think about how I longed for a baby and how we prayed for him before we met him. And he is our family.

He drives me crazy every day. He is loud and crazy and doesn't listen and kicks things. And he is our family. I don't ever want to take that simple fact for granted,

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Pam Terrell said...

So sweet and wonderful! Those gems in the midst of the chaos of every-dayness are priceless.