Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jingle bells

Yesterday, the kids and I braved raley's to get a few last minute things. Patrick was so excited to see all of the Christmas decorations in the store. The line was long. While I was checking out,he begged me to go to the front of the store and see the Christmas tree set up next to the food bank donations.

He went up to it and saw a fat, red jingle bell on the tree. After getting permission, he started ringing the bell and singing (loudly) "jingle bells". For some reason, he had sort of a southern accent, so it was like,"jingle bawells".

I was watching him and trying to type in my something extra card number and glanced at the older lady in the next line. She was smiling sweetly at him and it was a sweet reminder to me to cherish these chaotic moments.

On the way home, Patrick sang out more Christmas hits. Maggie and I laughed and sang along to "jingle bells" and "we wish you a merry Christmas". That song went:

We wish you merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
And happy new year.

I wish I could have recorded this moment since it was stinking adorable. But, I have it etched in my memory instead.

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