Monday, April 16, 2012

My real thoughts

Sitting in starbucks at a little 2 seat table. Older lady sits down at the table in front of mine. She scoots her chair in and bumps into the chair where I have my laptop bag and squishes it closer to my table. Then, she looks at the bag and scoots her chair in a little more and squishes the bag closer to the table. Why?

There are 2 empty tables on the other side of us.
She could move the other way and move the table out a little more.

Why does this bug me so much?

I am staring at the back of her head and wondering what she would think if she knew that I was blogging about this.

Does it bug me because of past interactions I have had with her? The ones where she told me that people in the south were dumb to live where there are tornadoes.

I wonder what I will do if she pushes in my stinking chair one more time.

I remember the man behind me that I have been talking to for weeks and building a relationship with. He is far from Jesus and it's complicated.

What if I yelled at her when she pushes my chair again(we all know it's gonna happen)? What would guy behind me think?

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Pam Terrell said...

I love your "real thoughts." They would likely mirror my own.