Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mrs Corrine

Mrs. Corrine is the school crossing guard at Maggie's school. She greets each child with a smile and most with a hug. She calls each one by name and talks to Patrick each morning.He started giving her a hug now, too.

Maggie told me that she invited mrs,. Corrine to her birthday party. I explained to Maggie that she probably wouldn't come to the party. She is a busy grown up and probably wouldn't make it.

Guess who showed up on Friday night? Mrs. Corrine!

It was like a celebrity walked in the roo. The kids from school all squealed and ran to her for a hug. They fought over who got to sit next to her. Matthew asked her if it was okay to get up from the table when he was finished.

She got a stop sign painted on her arm at memaw's face painting booth. She took pictures in the photo booth with all the kids.

She was so sweet to come to the arty. I wrote an email to the principal about how much it meant to Maggie for her to show up.

She is a special person to our family.

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