Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby snoring

Last night, copper went right to his kennel and started softly snoring.

I laid next to Maggie in her bed for a few minutes before she fell asleep. We both giggled at copper for snoring.

She said,"it is so sweet to hear my baby snoring. It relaxes me." then, she quickly fell asleep, which never happens. Maggie takes a long time to fall asleep each night. She usually comes to tell me that she could never go to sleep and five minutes later she is asleep.

I wonder why it is that when our babies are asleep, we fall asleep so much better. When Patrick is having a hard time napping, there is no way that I can relax.

Maybe I should exercise copper really hard each day do he will go right to sleep and start snoring. That could vbe Maggie's sound machine. She has always slept better with some whit e noise in the background.

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