Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pastor's wife's expectations

Maybe I'll make this a Sunday blog topic. We'll see how vulnerable I feel.

Let me tell you a little story. When we moved to our church, there were about 40 people attending. About twenty of them were in their 20s and 20 of them were were over 50.

One of the people in the over 50 crowd came up to me one of the first Sundays after Steven started working at the church with a big smile on her face.

She said, "I hear you can play the piano."

Confused, I replied, "well, I took piano lessons in middle school. But, I'm not good at it."

She said, "No. THEY told me that you could play the piano."

I told her that I was sorry, but I couldn't play the piano.

She looked so disappointed. Then, she said, "I know what I'll do. I'll started praying that God will give you this gift."

I honestly don't remember what I said to this. I probably smiled and tried to cover up the emotion on my face.

It's so funny, but I understand what she wanted. She wanted our church to go back to hymns played on the piano (you know, the way God intended). She wanted the old pastor back who plays the piano beautifully. Maybe I could be the answer to that.

It's so cliche, isn't it? For the pastor's wife to play the piano? Isn't it a course that they offer seminary wives? (just kidding)

I haven't had to deal with situations like this very often. But, I think it gives me a glimpse into what some people expect for wives married to ministers.

Even if you aren't in ministry, you can probably relate. What have you expectations have you experienced in ministry or in life? How do you handle it when you don't fit the mold?


A Pastor's wife said...

My biggest struggle is being social. My husband is the social-lite, not me. So when I am quiet, or in my own thoughts I am often mistaken as a snob. (And I am only the youth pastor's wife...can't imagine being in your shoes!)

Ramona said...

I had someone (at the 1st church the dude and I were at together) come up and ask me, "So, are you a teacher or a homemaker?" He asked it in a way that implied he thought those were the only 2 choices I had!

I just answered back, "No, I'm a college student studying journalism and interning at a pr office." The realization that he thought those were my only 2 choices didn't occur to me until after he walked away. So, I was just stuck with my confusion!

Rebekah {honeyandcheese} said...

You receive the gift of piano playing when you marry a pastor? I've been misled all these years!

:) I was just stopping by to say hello and thanks for entering my giveaway. Enjoy the rest of your January!

beth said...

Yea, I must not be doing something right, cause I still don't have that gift! Thanks for the comments! :)