Friday, January 20, 2012

Creative Girl

Maggie decided to make a newsletter last night. This was totally unprompted by me. I promise. I had a newsletter when I was little that was called the "Kitty Comet". I sent it out to my friends and family and updated them on what was going on and had jokes in it.

My mom also had a newsletter. It was called the "Twinkly Times" and it was sent out to her friends, too.

Here's Maggie's newsletter. It's called "Maggie Cookie Jar Chronicles". She printed out 40 copies and handed them out to her classmates and friends at school.(the format didn't come out right on my blog...just imagine cuteness).

Written by: Maggie Cole                              January 19, 2012

Yesterday, I got a lot of new food. I could not stop eating. We got chocolate popsicles. We got Phineas and Ferb fruit snacks and a lot more. It was SOOO hard to stop eating!  School was okay that day.

Copper, my puppy, is kinda crazy and you might already know this, but he bites me a lot.  Copper likes to herd people’s feet, especially my brother, Patrick.
Angry Birds. It makes me kind of angry when I lose a level. I don’t like it when the pigs snort at me.

One time, a really long time ago, we were watching the show, Cupcake Wars. It was very frustrating when the team wanted to win did something bad. We made cupcakes one time for a baby shower. The cupcakes looked like cupcake suns.  Candy corns on the cupcakes were the rays of sunshine. The baby’s name was going to be Sunnie! 

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