Monday, September 12, 2011

Picture winner

Good morning.

The resounding winner was smile #1 with teeth showing.

However, we went with Miss Beth Townsend's advice this morning. Do whatever feels natural when the photographer says "cheese".

We practiced some more this morning and she was totally at ease about it all.

She hopped up this morning so I could fix her nails that got messed up after we painted them last night. She put on her clothes and shoes and we fixed her hair. I love picture day. Everyday should be picture day!

We went out to the car to go to school and lots of kids were walking to school already. Maggie said, "everyone looks so nice today". We both smiled as we commented on the new clothes and combed hair. Everyone was kinda putting forth their best efforts today. It was sweet.

So, as soon as the pictures come back, I will be sure to post them. I love rituals like this.

What was your favorite school picture? Yours or your kids?

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