Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yesterday morning, Patrick found this book and backed up to my lap for me to read it to him. It always kind of surprises me when he wants to read. He is such a busy boy and reading doesn't seem to be his personality. I mean, it involves sitting and being still for a few minutes. But, he asks me to read to him at least once a day.

He's also not a big fan of "little einsteins". I think this was one of Maggie's books.

I read it to him complete with "pat,pat, pat" and he loved it. He loved the big jet in it and the rocket ship.

After we read it, it was time for him to ride with Steven to the babysitter's house. In his limited words, he asked if they could ride in a jet instead of Daddy's truck.

He mimicked flying and said "pwane" over and over. He was a little disappointed to get in Daddy's truck instead of a pwane, but was appeased by Daddy bringing the book along with him in the car.

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