Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the funk fog cleared

Because of a series of weird events, I have been in a funk this morning. Several things happened and I've just been kind of in a weird mood this morning.

One (kinda) funny thing was that I dreamed all night that rats had invaded our house. I guess this is because Maggie and I watched the pixar short film about rats and the plague last night and Christine told me about a rat yesterday. These all became a giant rat infested dream in my head last night. Dog the bounty hunter came to my house in my dream and threw all the rats out on the lawn, where Mickey and Sparky finished them off. This was a very intense and disgusting dream. When I woke up (30 minutes late), I was in a weird mood.

In addition to that, some strange things have happened in the last two days and I can just kind of feel myself in a funky mood.

I was wallowing in my funk.

Until I logged onto pinterest. My mom tagged me on this pin.

This just made me really laugh out loud. Can you imagine? What if I really wrote this down as my address? Could my mail man find me here? Cause it's true.

Then, I looked up and Steven was walking towards me in his galaga tshirt that I bought him at Kohl's. It made me smile.

Then, magically, my funk fog cleared. I was happy and things were looking better.

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