Friday, December 12, 2008

Upcoming weekend

We have a busy weekend planned. Tonight is a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party for a girl from MOPS. Maggie went to CECheese last week with Tanya and hasn't stopped talking about it since then. So, she is so excited.

Tomorrow night is a Christmas party and Sunday is our small group party.

We are busy, busy. And we are waiting for Owen to come and join us. Tanya should go anyday now and I hope that we can help them out with their kids.

Next Monday, is an emergency placement hearing for our children. They should be placed with family by Thursday. I get really teary eyed thinking about them leaving. R and Maggie have a very special bond. He always smiles and laughs for her and they have special little looks and gestures and they both crack up at each other. It will be sad for them to go, but I'm glad it will be over soon in a way. I am ready to have our lives back. It's been such a roller coaster and I want off of the ride.

Then, Memaw will be here the following Saturday. We have a countdown til Memaw gets here and Maggie always sings "Hallelejuah" after we count down the days.

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