Monday, December 8, 2008

"cold" weather

Tonight, I am sitting in the silent house with Willie right beside me. I rented a movie and I'm working online. I just thought, I love this kind of cold weather. It gives you permission to bundle up on the sofa and eat sweet stuff and watch movies and no one gives you's cold outside.

During the summer months, I feel like I should be outside or enjoying the weather (if it's not 100 degrees), but during "cold" weather,you can just be lazy without guilt.

But, who am I kidding? "Cold" weather is approximately 40 degrees. I hate putting on a coat. I hate putting coats on 3 preschool aged children. I hate hearing how hot they are when we put on the coats and finding the one random glove that doesn't have a match. I have never really driven in the snow or shovelled my driveway.

So, it's a nice thought. I'll just drink hot chocolate with junior mints melted in them tonight and enjoy my time by myself.


Noah Sent Me said...

Don't forget, it's a woot-off night, too!! I love the holidays!

Brandy said...

Man, me too. The only problem is that it's cold every day here now. Give me some coffee and a blanket and set me in front of some great girly movies and I'm done for. Needless to say, I'm not being very productive lately!!! Gonna have to try the junior mints in hot chocolate. How many do you add?

Bug said...

That's why I love rainy weather. If it's not raining, I feel guilty that I'm not out in the yard cleaning up something. I HATE yard work. If it's raining, I have permission to stay inside and do what I have to do inside. I sometimes really enjoy doing housework. If it's really cold and rainy, then that's a good time to sit on the sofa, build a fire and chill out (so to speak).