Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love getting the mail!

Tomorrow is going to be a really rough day. I was on the phone with a student who wanted me to give him every answer to the final and the doorbell rang. It was a package. YAY! Maybe it was something that I sneakily ordered from Amazon?!


I won a free Moose from Build a Bear Workshop!

A while back, I posted that I wanted to get a Moose for Christmas. I thought he was so cute. He has light up ears. And today, I won him! How cool is that?

So, I won this moose!

And a free book! Maggie wanted to sleep with him tonight, so I shared my moose with her.

And, I have a 10 dollar gift card for Build a Bear Workshop to give away to my loyal readers. Just post a comment here and I'll have a drawing by Friday.

And if you want to get the 2 little guys, you can get them for 24 dollars total and the book comes free. Otherwise, they are 12 dollars a piece.



Christy said...

I saw that moose at the church tonight...when i went down there to drop the truck off, Maggie was telling me how she was babysitting it for you. She's so cute.

Bug said...

I love BABW!!!!! Put me in your free give away drawing. I'll be glad to use the gift card on my fav grandchild!!!!!!

Rebekah Sanders said...

We *love* BABW!!! What I really want is the new penguin that was just released! But I'd likely give the gift card to one of the kids.

Elijah said...

pick me