Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am in love...

With three and a half year old Patrick. He is fun and funny and cute. He eats food again (after a two year break) and he says funny things.He's just a lot of fun.

Last night, we were treated to a piano concert.

This morning, we were taking "Kay-one" to school with us. Maggie brought a big glass of tea in the car. I sped up as she was taking a big drink of tea and it sloshed on her. She was upset and Patrick patted her leg and comforted her. Then, in the next breath, said "it look like you pee peed your pants." We all started laughing.

Then,we were talking about how Steven had to rescue memaw this morning. Patrick said, "yea. I helped out too" (he didn't). I asked him if he was a rescue bot (from transformers).

He said, "nah. I am a powder ranger." Again, he got lots of laughs. Our little drive to school left the girls laughing as they grabbed their back packs and headed to school.

We ran some errands and we're back home again. We played some preschool games online on my laptop.He tried to swipe the laptop screen instead of using the mouse.

As I was doing dishes, he ran in with his Spider-Man mask. I asked him what letter his name stated with.

He said, "I start with dot com."


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

He sounds awesome. I have 3 1/2 yr old twin boys. They are a riot!

beth said...

Lisa, 3 and a half is really fun. I bet you are always laughing with two of them! I'd forgotten about it since my daughter is 8 now. But, I think I really love the preschool years.

Bug said...

You were hilarious when you were three and four, Beth!That's when you made up the word muddle (mud and puddle) and when you told me your stuffed animal was allergic to other people.