Monday, October 8, 2012

Slushy magic

Today, I dressed my kids in matching Halloween shirts. They were so cute that I had to take a picture of them.

Then, I went to work and did worky things.

Then, I went to CVS and I decided to use my CVS extra care bucks on something I wanted. I wandered around for a while. Then, I spotted it. A slushy magic cup. It was $14.99. I justified the purchase by using my extra care bucks and a $5 off coupon. It was a steal.

I came home to put an ice cold coke zero in my slushy magic cup. Guess what? It was moldy. The cup and the "ice cubes" were moldy. I was so disappointed.

I took Patrick back to CVS and returned the slushy magic cup. There weren't any other ones so I just got my money back. Patrick talked me into buying him a new tow truck. He was so cute and even thanked the cashier for his new truck. So, I left disappointed but Patrick was happy so that made things better.

I decided to goggle slushy magic cups this afternoon. There were lots of parents out there trying to figure out how to replicate slushy magic without paying $14.99 for it.

I found this website.

She basically takes 2 ziploc bags, rock salt, ice and made a slushy magic at home. So, I tried it. It works.

I was  worried about having my own slushy magic cup, honestly, because I figured my kids would always want to use it. But, now we can all make slushies and Patrick got a tow truck, too.

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