Friday, October 12, 2012

Mine vs. his

I find my kids adorable and hilarious. There are some distinct differences in their personalities and those differences point to me or to their father.

1. Patrick loves all animals. When we see one on a billboard or walking down the street, he says, "awwww....cute". He tries to pick up both of the cats and he is always running around with copper. Yesterday, sparky didn't want to be dragged around the house by a three year old. Patrick was so offended and started to cry. He said,"I just want the kitty".

2. My kids love popcorn. I suggested a movie night in the living room last night since it was chilly and overcast. They both started asking for popcorn immediately. They each want their own bowls and ask for popcorn almost every day. In fact, Patrick asked for popcorn this morning for breakfast.

1. My kids have some dancing skillz. If there is any music on, they are both dancing. Maggie is usually doing the "daddy dance". Patrick does a bird flapping jump kind of thing.

Last weekend, we were in the car and I was being "d.j. Jazzy Beth" and taking song requests. Patrick kept asking for the song, "call me maybe". He loves dancing to it.

Maybe they will grow up to be semi normal adults even with our influence over them.

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Anonymous said...

They only have my dance skills? Well, at least they have the best part of me then!