Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why there isn't an Easter post...

So, Maggie was sick for 2 weeks straight before Easter. She finally got antibiotics for pneumonia and left the couch and I thought we were back to "normal".

Patrick promptly got sick. I think there was about 24 hours before he started getting sick. He struggles with allergies/asthma issues. He also stops eating, gags on everything and is in a REALLY bad mood. He screamed and said "NO" to everything. IT.WAS. AWESOME.

Saturday was the pinacle of it all. He was in the worst mood and really didn't feel good. It was pitiful and frustrating. He fell asleep at 6:30. He woke up at 8:30 and was back to his sweet self. He snuggled and watched cartoons and ate. He went back to sleep a little while later and I breathed a sigh of relief. i thought he was better.

I got everybody up on Easter Sunday and put on their cute Easter outfits. Maggie decided that her Easter shirt was too itchy, but we resolved it quickly and our family matched nicely.

We went to church to help with the Easter brunch and everyone was still happy.

At the brunch, he started getting fussy again, but I thought it was just a bad attitude. I was eating brunch and he ran towards the nursery with Jude. Donna came up and said, "Patrick is throwing up in the sanctuary."


You know you're a preacher's kid when.....

I picked him up and took him up and cleaned the throw up off of me and off of him and out of his shoes, etc. Steven and Mr. Tom got to clean up the sanctuary floor right before the service started.

Everyone came home later. Steven was sneezing and coughing, Tom looked miserable, Mom was coughing and sneezing, Maggie was pitiful, etc.

Steven went to our room to watch golf and I stayed in the living room with Patrick. Patrick promptly cut his lip and we finally got it to stop bleeding.

Therefore, I didn't get a cute picture of our family for Easter. I'm kinda bummed. I guess we can just pretend that our picture from last year is this year's picture.


lifewith4walls said...

Oh you poor thing! If it's any consolation, the picture from last year is worth seeing twice. :-) You have such a beautiful family!

Brynn said...

Did you and Tanya have matching dresses this year?