Thursday, May 5, 2011

Field trip

Today, Maggie's class went to the farm. The last field trip to the farm that she went on in preschool didn't go so well. Who knew a kid could hold her nose for 2.5 hours?
This one was much, much better! We went to a small farm in Stockton. I heard they have an excellent website.

Maggie's in a first/second grade combo class, so only the 1st graders went today. There were 15 of them. She has been with most of them for 2 years now and they are such a sweet, smart class of kids. It was really a lot of fun to hang out with them today.

The sun was so bright that Maggie "couldn't look up". Oh, the drama.

They loaded up on the bus, which was very exciting. Most of them had never ridden a bus before. They were very cute and nervous. Kirsten commented that you couldn't see them from the side because they were so short. It looked like an empty bus.

They went on a hay ride to see the orchard.

They picked strawberries. They got to pick out 5 strawberries. Maggie and Katelyn kept talking about how "fresh" they tasted.

They talked about what it takes to make a plant grow and they planted their own watermelon plants to take home with them.

It was such a fun day. I'm so glad that I get to go on these trips with Maggie!


Brynn said...

I love Maggie's hair - she is so cute!

beth said...

Thanks, Brynn. I love it too. She has had quite a makeover. She got her haircut, earrings and she will get glasses next week!