Monday, April 4, 2011


Patrick has attached himself to his Lightning McQueen hotwheel car. He ALWAYS has it in his left hand.

He sleeps with "ca-chow".

He tries to eat and drink with "ca-chow'.

He takes him in the car.

He takes him to Miss Sandee's house.

He takes him in the bathtub. He probably needs a bath anyway.

He takes him on the swing.

It's funny that this is what he wants to snuggle with . It's hard and metal and not cuddly at all. But, he has to have him to go to sleep at night. When I get him out of bed in the morning, he's in his right hand.

Yesterday, I was pushing him in the swing and I asked Patrick for a kiss. He headbutted me (that's how he kisses) and then put "ca-chow" up to my lips to kiss.

I looked down at the car and it has eyes and a mouth like thing on the front of his hood. I softened. This is Patrick's "friend". Okay, I'm starting to see the cuddliness in that red, metal car, too!

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Noah said...

Aw, I missed this one. That's so cute :D

I hope you have a back up car in case he misplaces that one! It could be an emotional event!