Saturday, August 21, 2010

Three things

Here are three things that Patrick is doing right now:

1. Maggie HATES Dora. She can't stand her and can't handle the way that she screams every word that she says. I suspect that she is really just still scared of Swiper, but she labels it as a baby show and there is nothing worse than a baby show. Last week, it was just Patrick and me at home. Dora came on tv and we snuggled for a minute on the sofa. Patrick looked at the tv when the theme song came on. He pointed at that blasted show and shouted "DORA" at the tv.

2. He is huge. He regularly is assumed to be an 18 month old by strangers in the grocery store. He has ginormous hands, too. Maggie's handprints (when she was 2.5 years old) are on the wall in a frame in the hallway. Tonight, after his bath, I put Patrick's hands on top of the handprints in the frame. His 13 month old hands are the same size as Maggie's in the frame.

3. He loves to "count". He will take any object and put it above his hand and say, "ooohhhnnn, oooooooo, eeeeeeeeeee" and throw the object on the ground. He's so smart.

He has also stopped squealing quite as much. I feel like a switch has gone off in his brain and he is able to communicate just a little bit more so he is not as frustrated with our lack of understanding him.

And, he is sleeping and I miss that guy!

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Full Circle said...

wow. lucas is a slacker. he barely says mama, dada, gamma, and Coco. :/ And only about half of those are understandable.