Monday, August 23, 2010


Maggie begged for Biscuit for her Christmas present in 2008. It was ridiculously expensive, but Santa decided to get it for her and not get her much else for Christmas. She was so excited and loved him for about 10 minutes on Christmas morning. She made him a cute pink collar.

In case you don't know, Biscuit is a robotic dog that you can give commands to eat, sit and lay down. Biscuit looks A LOT like Willie.

After the first day of playing with him, Maggie decided that she was TERRIFIED of Biscuit. Like, she couldn't be in the same room with Biscuit. UGH. Stupid dog was at least 100 dollars.

So, Biscuit was shut in a room and didn't get to come out to play. I asked her if we should give her to Emma, so that Biscuit would get played with. She would start crying and tell me how much she loved Biscuit! I just kept him in Patrick's room in a corner.

Yesterday, out of the blue, Maggie asked us to get Biscuit out to play with him. 18 months after she got him for Christmas.

Biscuit happily came out to play on the living room floor. Maggie played with him and petted him and seemed to enjoy him.

Then, Patrick woke up from his nap. WoW! A new puppy on the floor. This was awesome!! He tackled Biscuit and petted him and played with him all afternoon.

Yea, Biscuit is finally being played with. Before Patrick left this morning, he ran to Biscuit and gave him a big hug around his neck. Then, he patted Biscuit's back.

Santa feels like the present was finally worth it.


Bug said...

HA HA! That's awesome. I remember all the anxiety about whether or not Santa should spend that much money b/c money was really tight that year! Then Maggie was too "scaaaaared" of Biscuit. Poor Biscuit. I'm glad he is having his day.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh - does that mean that biscuit will be out in the living room again? If that's the case, don't ask me to house sit... creepy!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I'm glad to hear the investment is finally being played with :D