Monday, July 26, 2010

Squealing with Joy

We were out of town last week. Patrick went to his first foster mom's house for the week. He stayed with 2 other little boys around the same age. She had 3 boys who were all around 13 months old. She didn't seem to mind adding one more little guy to the mix. When we dropped him off, she was feeding all 3 of them. They were lined up in their high chairs and had their mouths open like little baby birds waiting to be fed.

When we came back, he looked at me like he knew who I might be. Maggie got a little more in response. Daddy got a big ole grin and he jumped into Steven's arms. This has been a long time isssue in our house. Maggie and Steven act crazy and scream and make silly faces at Patrick. He responds well to this. He likes the silly people in our house. I'll admit that I wish I would get the same response sometimes.

He's slowly getting back into the swing of things around this house. He was definitely at "grandma's house" last week and is struggling to be back on our schedule.

So, tonight, I went down the hallway at church to pick up Patrick. He came walking down the hall. He saw me and put his hands up in the air. Then, he started squeeling until I picked him up. I picked him up and he put his head on my shoulder. Awwwww....he missed me.