Sunday, May 3, 2009

Maggie's morning musings

This morning, Maggie went to the back door and was talking outside. I asked her about who she was talking to. She said that she was talking to God. She was just thanking Him for making us and for "creating our beautiful earth".

Then, a little while later, she was talking outside again. This time she was talking to the birdies who have nested in our tall sanctuary air vent. She chirps at them a lot and thinks it's so cool that they are living in our church. She asked me "if the birdies were homeschooled". I told her that I just didn't know. She said, "I was just wondering because they live only in the church and don't go anywhere. I wondered if their mommy just taught them in their nest."


Valerie said...

This is too cute :)

Bug said...

Just homeschool the kid...she's obviously obsessed with the idea...for some reason she wants to stay home with YOU!