Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He's 8 and he's great!

Today, my first child turns 8 years old. We got Willie as a little bitty puppy. He was born under a house to a terrier/schanuzer mama with black curly hair. He had a gash on his back leg and maggots got in the wound. Because of this, the shelter was going to put him to sleep. Luckily, Cheryl Cantrell rescued him and his 2 brothers.

We went to her house and saw the puppies. They were bottle fed babies and very people friendly. Willie was a 2 month old fat little blonde lab looking puppy. We picked him out and he became my first child.

He's outlived a lot of animals in our lives and he is still just as crazy as ever. He's eaten linoleum in our first apartment and ate the hamburgers that we were going to cook for our guests to his first birthday party and the craziness goes on and on.

Today, he turns 8! He loves Maggie.  

We went to church to put up something and I forgot he was in the house. In honor of his birthday, he ate Maggie's pizza. Since he's the birthday boy, he didn't get into too much trouble. He must like to do things like this to keep us reminded that he is the birthday boy.
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brandy said...

Happy Birthday WILLIE!!!!

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Willie!
haha, we buy Bam presents on his b-day too!

Bug said...

My first grandchild...I love the Willster.