Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No one wants to go to the FARM


My mom posted this note on her facebook. I didn't want to forget it:

On the way back from picking us up from the airport, Beth (in the back of the van) was telling Steven (in the front of the van) a story about an upcoming field trip for Maggie's preschool. She didn't want Maggie to know, so she was spelling a lot of words.

At one point, Maggie (sitting next to me in the middle of the van) said: "Memaw, come here, I want to whisper something to you." I said, "OK," and put my ear up to her mouth.

She wbispered: "Don't tell mommy but I know F-A-R-M spells farm."

I thought I would fall off my seat laughing -- but I couldn't tell Beth.

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