Sunday, April 19, 2009

A love and hate relationship

Maggie loves, loves, loves Sparky (our newest kitten). She drags him around the house and races in to see him after preschool. Unfortunately, he is still a kitten and loves to scratch and knock her art projects on the floor and bat things around. This frustrates her to no end. I spend a lot of my time reminding Maggie not to scream at her beloved kitten. Then, 10 seconds later, they are snuggled up together or playing with his laser pointer that is a pink mouse.

A couple of nights ago, after a fight between the two of them, she was holding Sparky and hugging him. She said," I just love Sparky. I love him even when he makes mistakes." Then, she said, "I love him like God loves me. He loves me even when I make mistakes."

Then, I melted into a mommy puddle on the floor.

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