Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hotel for Dogs

Maggie and I went to the movies this afternoon. They have a special deal for movies on weekday afternoons. It was so interesting to be in the theater with no one else. Maggie kept asking me if we needed to whisper since we were the only ones in the theater. I told her that we didn't, but if I spoke in a normal voice, she would ask me to be quiet!

The movie was pretty cute, but I have to admit that we left early. It got to a sad part and she was ready to leave. She inherited my uncomfortable feeling when something bad is happening on a movie or tv show. I hate that feeling and want to change the channel, if there is a bad twist in the plot. She was begging to leave and so we left.

The movie's subplot is that the main characters are teenagers who are in foster care and can't be placed anywhere because they are too old. Their parents died and they are in an awful home. This hit a little too close to home, so I didn't protest too much when she was ready to go.

However, it fulfilled Maggie's need to see a lot of cute puppies doing adorable things. The dogs were pretty stinkin' cute!

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Bug said...

If no one is in the theatre does anyone hear you when you talk?