Thursday, February 14, 2013


I love holidays. I know that it is commercialized and a way for card companies to make money. But....I love a chance to make special days for my family.

I made pink waffles for breakfast. And got gifts for my babies. Unfortunately, steven's present won't be here today, but he said he doesn't mind. I got bigger presents than usual this year but you can't pass up great deals in amazon! And I used swagbucks rewards so I was pretty pleased with myself.

Patrick has been envious of Jude's bumblebee toy for a while and look what I got him!

Maggie got a tiny American girl doll named Elizabeth Cole. What a great name! I thought I had a picture, but I think it is on Maggie's phone.

Here is Maggie before she heads off to school. We have a special dinner for tonight and I get to help with Maggie's class party this afternoon.

Patrick and I ran to the grocery store and I told him to get out of the car. I called him "my chicken" which is a throwback to "boo boo chicken" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

He said, "I'm not your chicken. I'm your sweetheart."

I love special days like today.

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