Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today is our 11th anniversary. We have had a fun day so far. We went to a fishing derby in the CVS parking lot with the kids and Jean, Charlie and Tylor.

Patrick won a tackle box and we caught fish and got faces painted.

Then, we went to a car show at the high school near our house. Patrick was in heaven. There were fire trucks and motorcycles and cool cars.

We came home for lunch and playing in the backyard. Maggie and I ran to the dollar tree and got some cute, cheap stuff. I heard a customer ask a cashier my favorite question at the dollar tree.  She said, "how much is this?" and the cashier had to answer without sounding sarcastic that EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS A DOLLAR!

It cracks me up everytime.

We are home again just relaxing. We'll grill and just hang out and it's been a great anniversary. Not romantic, but good.

I love this guy and I love our life together.

(as I wrote this, I got a sweet card from my brother...great day!)

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