Sunday, July 10, 2011


We are packing up for a big trip. We are headed to Ohio for national conference, then to Florida to meet my dad and family at the beach. It's kind of hard to figure out everything that we need and pack it all up. We will be gone for 12 days to two different locations and it all has to fit in airline approved luggage. Whatever, I'll stop complaining about getting to fly across the country.

Maggie is in charge of packing her carry on bag. I told her the maximum number of stuffed animals allowed in her bag.She was going to pack quame, paper and colors and a few toys.

She came out of her room and let me feel her bag. She asked me if I thought it was too big. It wasn't, but we weighed it for good measure. She seemed satisfied with her bag and went back to her room.

She came back out of her room in a few minutes and asked Steven to check it's heaviness.

It was really heavy.

He asked what she added to the bag.

She said, "well, I added some rocks to it".

I had to leave the room cause I was laughing so hard.

She had added 4 big rocks to her backpack. It was so stinkin' heavy. Luckily, she let Steven take them out so we could pick up better seashells at the beach.

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