Friday, July 29, 2011

National Conference

While we are the Brethren National Conference, Steven was asked to speak on a panel about how to partner with schools and be more in the community. He has done a good job building a relationship with Maggie's school's principal and getting our church involved at the school.

There were two other groups from other church's talking about ministries they are involved in.

The first lady had started a ministry for people who were developmentally delayed. She talked about the fun activities they did and the classes she set up for them. She showed pictures of the group and they were all happy and smiling. There had never been anything for her son who was developmentally delayed and she decided to start something. There were lots of people in her community who could participate.

The other group was from a church that had become more aware of slavery in other countries. They spoke passionately about raising money to rescue children enslaved. One little boy from their church builds birdhouses to sell to raise money for the cause that he is passionate about.

As the session was ending, the lady from the first group of people asked if she could pray for our family and families in ministry. It was very moving that she would want to pray for us. She said that she remembered us from the year we were at conference.

It was so rewarding to be at this session. I am continually amazed at the passion that people have about things that aren't even on my radar. I think that is the thing that makes me the most hopeful about church. There are people out there doing amazing things for Jesus.

It was a good reminder to me about how even the smallest churches can impact others. I'm hopeful after hearing what churches and people in the church can do.

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