Sunday, June 26, 2011

Almost two!

I can't believe my little guy is almost two years old.We received his birth certificate that has been revised. It has the date and the time and his doctor's name on it. And his mom and dad are listed as us. It's kind of surreal. I wasn't there.

In fact, I was in mourning. 4 days before Patrick was born, I had a miscarriage. I was less than 2 months pregnant, but it shook my world. I had had an easy pregnancy with Maggie and expected the same with this pregnancy. We had been through an emotional whirlwind with R and J. I looked back through my old posts to see what I was doing on his birthday. This was the closest post I could find to the day that he was born. I just re-read it and it makes me cry. The comments make me cry the most.

Two months later, we got the best phone call of our lives. There was a little boy who had been born on June 28th. He had been in emergency foster care and he was probably going to be adoptable. Were we willing to take the risk? Oh and he had reddish blonde hair. DUH! Bring it on!

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Full Circle said...

I will ALWAYS remember the *bubble* we talked about. I have a very clear picture of it in my mind's eye, probably totally different than what you were thinking.. but it comes to my mind often. Just 2 days ago, as a matter of fact. :)

I love that God knows what He is doing. "Nev'r a more perfect match could there be, than to place him in your family."