Friday, November 19, 2010

Good things

I feel like this last week has been a series of good things.

Here's the breakdown:

Sunday- Neil Hafley came to our church to serve us breakfast before the service. Our church has been actively helping the school this year and the staff/administration came over to thank our church with a breakfast. It was such a nice gesture for them to thank us.

Tuesday - The school presented Steven with an award for the help from the church to the school at a school assembly.

Thursday - Our social worker came over for us to sign adoption paperwork for Patrick. She told us that we could be adopting him as early as Christmas! What a shock. We were thinking March of next year. I started crying as I finished signing the paperwork with his new name on it.


Walking to China said...

Tears of happiness for you and for Patrick!

Brynn said...

I'm so glad the paperwork stuff turned out better than you thought it would!

We missed you last night... Maggie gave me a book that was really sweet.

beth said...

Thanks. I can't believe we are getting so close.

Brynn, Maggie told me about the book! She was so excited about it!