Saturday, May 15, 2010

Light Up Marble Racers

We have entered a new phase of toys in our home. I never thought that I would play into gender roles and what toys my kids choose. However, our house is being overtaken by a new breed of toys.

Patrick LOVES cars. He loves things with wheels and cars. He flips over Maggie's baby doll stroller and plays with the wheels. He's obsessed.

So, I was asked to review a new kind of car and I jumped on. I knew that we had a good tester in our home for this review. They are a little old for Patrick, but it's the perfect age for Maggie.

Here's some info about them:

· Combines the racing excitement of mini-toy sports cars and the classic amusement of marbles

· Customize Marble Racers with themed racing decals

· Race on standard tracks

  • Available in 6 exciting styles – Police Racer, Fire Chief Racer, Cat's Eye Racer, Cyclone Racer, Confetti Racer, and Volcano Racer Crack & peel decals are fun, promote creativity, and are easy to use

  • Watch as marble rolls to keep pace with their speeding car

There is nothing like it on the market. There are racing cars. There are marbles. But nothing else that combines these 2 classic stand-bys into 1 unique, fun "do it yourself" toy. Available in 6 electrifying styles – Police Racer, Fire Racer, Cats’ Eye Racer, Cyclone Racer, Confetti Racer, and Volcano Racer – this unique, colorful, new toy makes a great birthday gift or party favor.

Light up Marble Racers are only available at CVS stores.

Here's the best part:

You could win 6-car set! Leave me a comment by Wednesday, May 19th! Here's the even better part. I won't be in charge of getting the cars to you. I suck at getting the giveaway stuff to people. I don't have to handle it this time. It's handled by MomSelect. Yippee!

So, leave me a comment. Leave me your email address if I don't have it. I will contact you after Wednesday if you win and MomSelect will mail you a 6 car set.

We tried them out last night. Maggie loved decorating them. Helpful hint: don't put the stickers on top of the marble ball because it stops them from lighting up!


homezoomom said...

My dude would dig these cars! Thanks for sharing :)

EddieChingLives said...

I want to play with it!

Bug said...

Are you keeping one? I want to see it and play with the one you are keeping....if you are keeping one.

Noah said...

If this isn't something my kids will swallow again, we'd love a set! Thanks! :)