Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Parent Trap

Today, we slept in late, even Patrick! Then, we were very, very lazy. We stayed in our pajamas til about 1:00. I bathed the kids and put Patrick down for a nap. Maggie and I were watching tv and the Parent Trap came on the Disney channel.

I asked Maggie if she had ever seen the Parent Trap. She had never seen it before. It was such a cute movie. I hadn't ever seen the newish one with Lindsay Lohan in it. I loved the Haley Mills' version.

It was so fun to watch it with her. I love watching movies that I loved watching as a kid with Maggie. She was so into the movie and was hoping that she could go to camp to find her twin, too. I hate to break the "bad news" to her that she doesn't have a long lost twin that lives with my divorced spouse.

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Bug said...

How did you never see the Lindsey Lohan version? I've seen it like 24 times! Seriously!

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