Monday, October 5, 2009

Freeze time

I wish I could freeze days like today. I wish I could stop time and keep days like today on back up for those days that aren't that great.

I have 2 beautiful kids who look just like me and Steven. They are joyful and happy and LOVE each other so much. Our little boy lights up and smiles like crazy when Maggie comes in the room. I was sitting on the bed talking about something unpleasant when Maggie ran in my room. She jumped on me and started kissing me and tickling me.

Then, we went in the other room and our little boy smiled and cooed. I fed him his bottle until he snuggled in my arms and fell asleep. Maggie took pictures of everyone in our house and everything in our house while I was feeding him.

Amanda stopped by tonight and everyone rejoiced. Maggie was ecstatic to see her. Willie ran to the door and barked about seeing Bella before they even walked in. I was overjoyed for someone to hold our little boy so I could put finishing touches on our dinner.

We had bible study tonight. I feel like I get so much out of it. We have a great group that prays together and opens up about life. I'm thankful for Sandy and Tanya.

The weather is so nice. It's cooled off and it's fun walking to school in the morning. She loves going to school and has made some great friends. She has a friend who is her BESTEST friend. They are so much alike, but even get along and don't fight during playdates.

Wait, I'm off topic.

Today was a great day. I love my family. I'm thankful to Jesus for giving me many ordinary days like today.


The K. Morgan Crawfords said...

Sounds blissful! Even better, you stopped to remember and reflect.

MrsGuipo said...

If only we could have more moments and days like this! They sure help us get through the rough days.

minivanlife said...

Awww Beth, I love knowing that you are so happy!!