Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Going to Kindergarten

She was not sure about this. She told me that she was going
to sleep late and try to miss Kindergarten.

But, she had to go. She had a great attitude when we got there. No crying. No whining. She was excited!


Bug said...

Like mama, like baby. You were very excited about kindergarten, too. Later, though, you told me you liked the part where you rode the bus to school and the part where you rode the bus home. The in between part was just OK.

Word verification: unglanc - meaning: to not look at someone or something

I had to unglanc when I saw someone I didn't like walking down the aisle at Piggly Wiggly.

The K. Morgan Crawfords said...

Yeah Maggie! The first of many, MANY days of learning!

Elaina said...

Beth I am glad she had a good day and everything went well. Ok now can we make these kids stop growing???

brandy said...

Wow, no crying from Mom either?! You are both very brave! She looks so cute Beth. I can't believe she's starting kindergarten!