Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Patrick hates to eat. He will always pick playing over eating. It's so weird. 
I always joke that this is a sign that he is adopted, cause we Coles
 like to EAT.I have to force him to eat and sometimes I just get tired
 of fighting him and don't make him eat.
He's on the skinny side on the growth charts and he is super tall.

However, I've noticed that he gets super grumpy when he doesn't eat.
More than just hungry/grumpy. He is throwing fits and I can't get him to 
calm down. Then, I force something in his mouth and within minutes,
 he is fine.

I had his doctor run his blood sugar, but it was within the normal range. 

Then, I started thinking that maybe it was hypoglycemia. So, for the
 past 5 days, I have put him on an eating schedule. I set an alarm for 
every 2 hours and I force him to eat something. 

The fits are going away. I don't make him eat much,
 but every 2 hours, I make him eat a banana or a piece 
of cheese  or something. He's actually asking to eat more in 
between those times now. 

It's really  funny because when he hears the alarm on my phone, 

Do any of you have experience with something like this? 

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