Monday, June 10, 2013

A look back

Tonight, I was commenting on how cute Patrick is and how Maggie used to say adorable things just like Patrick.

I found a blog that I wrote 6 years ago. Look at this cuteness!

so, after's a blur of a lot of the road. Til we get to Minnesota. There was a communion service and the commencement service. Maggie begged to go to the "congratulation" ceremony for Steven . She was so excited about him graduating. (I think she has a future as a cheerleader)

In front of the seminary sign...

We sat down..I had a bag of goodies loaded to keep her quiet. She promptly fell asleep as the speaker started. The speaker was so good. It was Gordon MacDonald. 

Steven was hooded and graduated. It was silent while the graduates walked across the stage. Until, there was another Stephen Cole. He was from South Africa. As he walked across the stage, a heavily accented woman from the balcony screamed out---HALLELUJAH! It was awesome! My thoughts exactly!

Then, to the reception.

A pretty good family pic.

steven and cohort and 2 professors

maggie taking a break.... 

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