Sunday, December 30, 2012

Big boy room

We have been moving rooms around here. We moved back into the master bedroom, so Patrick moved into our old room. His room became an office. It was a lot of work and there is a lot more organizing to be done, but man, it feels good to spread out again. This house is so big.

Patrick's room is double the size of his old room. The first night, he was so excited about sleeping in his room and declared that it was "not scary or creepy" in his new room. He asked Maggie to sleep on his floor.

He fell asleep quickly that night and they have been getting along really well lately.they have been watching old episodes of blue's clues on Netflix together. Patrick has been quick to hug Maggie throughout the day, too.

He loves to play in his new room, too. He does forget and goes into his old room. When I told him that we were turning it into an office, he thought I meant that it was going to be a Doctor's office. He told me that his tummy hurt really bad and needed to go back to his old room!

So, we still have Christmas decorations up,but the house is starting to come back together after the big move.

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