Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The classmate

Maggie started school last week and was seated next to a cute little girl that she knew. She happily told me about how they had to "present" each other in front of the classroom and giggled over their similarities.

Yesterday, she grumpily informed me that the kids got moved around and she was sitting next to another girl now. A girl who said the "s" word.

I asked which "s" word that was while holding my breath.

Maggie whispered "stupid" and that she had to tell her teacher that the little girl said that evil word and the girl got in trouble and gave her mean looks the rest of the day.

She was not looking forward to sitting next to this girl when she went to school today. I told Maggie to give her another chance and maybe yesterday was just a bad day for that little girl.

When I picked her up, I asked how the girl was in class.

Maggie said,"Mommy, you know how you said that sometimes mean people are that way because people are mean to them? Well, she has to live with her aunt and her aunt is not nice to her."

She told me a story about the aunt not being nice that I didn't quite understand but it seemed traumatic to an eight year old.

I am so proud of my girl. She is learning to give people second chances. She is learning how to deal with "difficult people".

Maggie and Katelyn told me that they invited this little girl to play with them at recess, too. One of the girls from their class last year told them not to play with her, but Katelyn said no and invited her to play anyway.

I love their hearts.

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Noah said...

That's awesome - a playground story that doesn't involve someone feeling left out or getting bullied. Maggie is a sweet girl and good influence on her peers.