Monday, February 7, 2011

planting an apple tree

In December, Maggie ate an apple. She decided to keep the apple seeds so she could plant an apple tree in the front yard. At the time, I didn't argue with the logic here. I figured the apple seeds would be lost and it would be a non issue by the time it was time to plant the tree.

Why do I never learn?

Last Thursday, it was a beautiful day. Maggie hurried through her homework so she could play outside. Wait, she had a better idea. She found her apple seeds that she had carefully placed in the ziploc bag in her craft supplies. She was going to plant the apple seeds.

She called her resident expert on planting, Sandy Tapley. She called and talked to her about how to plant them and if it was too early for planting an apple tree.

Sandy suggested that she plant them in a small cup and transfer the plant when it gets a little bigger.

Maggie suggested to Steven that we take down the big tree in the front yard and replace it with her new apple tree.

Steven really liked the idea of getting rid of the bane of his existence (except for the animals in our house).

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