Monday, October 25, 2010

Is it old age or California?

I am a different person than I was when we moved here in many ways. One of the most apparent ways is that I'm bolder than I was before.

I have gone out and yelled at kids in my pajamas because they knocked over my garbage cans. This is not normal Beth behavior.

Today, a kid was walking to school through my yard and he was carrying a red headboard from a bedframe.

Just kind of dragging it behind him. He got to the edge of my yard while I was loading kids and bookbags and flyers into the car. Then, he dropped it. So, I yelled to him to get that outta my yard.

He sheepishly picked it up and dragged it behind him to the other side of my driveway and dropped it.

I rolled down my window and yelled again that he needed to take that outta my yard.

He picked it up and put it on the bikepath. I guess that was better?

Maggie says: Mommy, if he drops it again, please don't say anything. Yelling twice at him is enough.

As I processed this, I realized that this was such unique behavior for me. I never would have yelled at a kid in Georgia for this. Twice.

So, today, I wonder is it because I'm getting old? Or is it the boldness of California?

Is it because I am getting older and more territorial and croutchity (is that a word? spellcheck doesn't like it>)?

Or is it the boldness of California? People are more vocal here and not as polite as they are in the south. They are quick to honk at ya if you are doing something that they don't agree with.


Bug said...

You must get it from your mother. I never "yelled" at people in Georgia either (the first time I lived here - as a kid and young adult.) Then I moved to Long Island! Holy Smokes. The light would just begin to turn green and people would start honking. I became a crazy woman and would yell at people in traffic. One time, a man at a gas station parked really close to my car and his passenger (his wife?) kept opening her door and blamming into the side of my NEW car. I yelled at her, too. I have calmed down now and never, ever yell or scream (at strangers, anyway.) It's probably just a phase you are going through. You'll outgrow it.

Anonymous said...

I would say it's your old age. You know, because you're so old.

And I think it's spelled crotchety.