Monday, January 11, 2010

Gray hair

Tonight, I was staring at my husband adoringly and noticed that he has a few gray hairs at his temples. I love it. I think it's cute.

Then, I had a bad thought. If he has gray hairs, I could have gray hairs soon. WHAT? Is that possible?

What will I do about this when it happens? Will I let it go gray? Will I cover my gray? How do you make a decision like that? When do you stop covering it up and let yourself go gray?

I don't know how people in California do it, but I know that in the south, women don't go gray naturally. Men look all cute with gray on their temples, but it doesn't do so much for most women.

I just don't know. I don't think that I am a particularly vain person. I tend to go for comfort and not for vanity, but I just can't imagine going gray.

Why did this hit me so hard tonight?


Steven said...

Because I am so cute...that what was so hard hitting!

I look forward growing gray with you!

brandy said...

Great comment there Steven! Beth, Kris has quite a lot of grey. He's been going grey for many years now... and it irritates me to no end that it only makes him hotter. Love that salt & pepper look on a man! I, on the other hand, noticed grey on me about a year ago. And I"m with you, I can't decide whether to go grey naturally or color it. I'm constantly on the fence about the subject. I think some women look great with grey... others... not so much. Who knows... just thought I'd chime in and tell you that I know what you're going through!

Valerie said...

Beth, I am only 24 and I have gray hairs- it drives me crazy! I already color my hair :b